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Learn more about what Family Safety Network is doing this October to raise awareness of Domestic Violence in Teton County, ID.

Every October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month is observed to honor and recognize survivors and those who have lost their lives to domestic violence. Often, domestic violence can be a silent struggle making the problem seem less pervasive than it truly is. That is why raising awareness is crucial. Ending domestic violence must be done through a community effort. Please take the time this October to help us achieve our mission of ending domestic violence in Teton Valley. 

Listed below are a number of different ways you can participate in 2021 Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 



Family Safety Network presents The Clothesline Project for Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021. In this visual art display, local survivors of domestic violence have anonymously shared their stories on t-shirts to help raise awareness of the prevalence and severity of domestic violence in Teton County.  Make sure to stop by the Driggs City Center this October to see the display. It will be up all month so you have plenty of time to come check it out and to bring a friend or two!

Where: Driggs City Center Stage

When: All of October



Your donations to Family Safety Network allow us to continue serving our community's most vulnerable individuals.

Please consider donating to Family Safety Network this October to show support for ending domestic violence. Our services are vital to supporting community members who are facing violence and preventing violence before it happens. This is a quick and easy way to help support this cause.